Full Column Wrap


This Master Foyer Archway shown to the Left is before Trimworks Paintworks worked on a complete custom wainscoting wrap of the archway in this home. 


Shown to the Right is the After. This Master Foyer Archway features custom wainscoting that wraps the entire archway. It includes smooth flat panel inserts inside each of the boxes for a smooth finished look. At the top the Archway is Capped with an 8 1/4" Crown Molding which continues throughout the entire main area of the home. See more completion photos below. 

Custom Wainscoting Archway

Have an archway you are not sure what to do with in your home. Check out this custom wainscoting inside the Archway. Check out more completion photos below. Have another idea? Our team can help you design a custom archway how you would like.

Custom Wainscoting Archway

There are many different ways to dress up that archway. Let us see what we can do for you!

Archway and Open Doorways

Single Sided Archway with Returns

Single sided archway framed with a 3 1/2" Casing with Flex Molding. Inside arch returns wainscoting full frame boxes.

Open Doorway

Huge open doorway with Custom Flat Cornice Header with Wainscoting inside returns. This Flat Cornice also features a Decorative Keystone, which was painted a different color to accent it beautifully in this amazing home.

Double Sided Archways

Same as the single sided archway show above these double sided archways shown here have the casing on both sides and continued the wainscoting inside the returns to match the existing archways in this home.

Custom Foyer Archway

This custom foyer archway features a Flat Cornice Header to wrap the top of both sides of this archway. With Fluted Columns wrapped around each side with the decorative wainscoting in the returns.

Do you have a custom idea for your archway? Call us today to schedule your free in home estimate. You may also check our out Pinterest Page as well to see other ideas too.

This Main Foyer features Crown Molding with a complete Front Door Dressing with Double Keystone and Full Wainscoted Archway. Complete Front Door Dressings include Flat Cornice Header above Front Door and Casing with Flex Molding around the window located above the door. Both the Archway and window above the Front Door have a Flex Molding Casing that follows the curve of the arch. All of our Crown, Baseboards, Casings and Chair Rails are all available in the Flex Molding Material.


Trimworks offers Barn Door installation too! We can help you choose you door and provide the hanging hardware as well. An option to add to your Barn Door is a Cornice to conceal the hardware also!

We can match existing doors in your home or help you find that special door that you would like. Barn Doors can be single or double doors! Hardware is available in a black or nickel finish.

See a few of our completion photos below.

Turn that Doorway into an Archway


Standard Doorway removed to create small archway opening into the laundry room.


Removed the door and built this custom archway to mimic other archways in the home.

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