Cornices for Archways

Pictured is a custom cornice designed for an arched opening or doorway. The design is made to follow the curvature of the archway in this home. This definitely is a one of a kind cornice, you won't find it anywhere else.  All cornices are custom built and made to accommodate your home.

Custom Curtain Cornice

This one of a kind design, is perfect for those stationary curtains over any window or slider. Each Curtain Cornice is custom built and made specifically for each individual. 

Keystone Cornice

Want to add something different to your standard wooden cornice? Add a Keystone to the center to give your cornice dimension.

This custom Flat Cornice features Single Faux Wainscoting Columns along each side of the slider opening.

The Slider returns have a wainscoting design to blend with the Faux Columns.

The Flat Cornice header features a Keystone with 7" Crown Molding on the top with a Decorative Emblem in the center.

Front Door

This front door features a Flat Cornice with Wainscoting Faux Columns, wrapped around the window above the door is the 3 1/2" Casing with Flex Molding. The window also includes a Double Keystone to linkup with the 6 1/4"  Crown Molding in the Main Foyer.

Before and After

Custom Wainscoting and Front Door in Main Foyer


Pictured to the left is the Front Door in the Main Foyer of the Home before.


This one of a kind Front Door Wainscoting design is after. With Faux Single Columns along each side of the Front Door opening with Fat Cornice Header above the Door. The Window above the door is wrapped in Wainscoting and tied into a Double Keystone to pull together with the 7" Crown Molding in the home.

Wainscoting Around Window

A Closer look at the window above the Front Door Shows the Detail in the wainscoting around the window. Absolutely beautiful.

Wainscoting With Columns in Foyer

The Wainscoting flows from the Front Door down the Main Foyer of the home.

Wainscoting With Columns in Foyer

Incorporated into the Wainscoting in the Main Foyer are miniature Faux Columns to go with the Front Door design. This wainscoting is topped with a 3" Chair Rail and is a seamless design. Inside the boxes of the Wainscoting are smooth flat panels.

This Main Foyer features Crown Molding with a complete Front Door Dressing with Double Keystone and Full Wainscoted Archway. Complete Front Door Dressings include Flat Cornice Header above Front Door and Casing with Flex Molding around the window located above the door. Both the Archway and window above the Front Door have a Flex Molding Casing that follows the curve of the arch. All of our Crown, Baseboards, Casings and Chair Rails are all available in the Flex Molding Material.

Removing the sliding glass doors and tracks is no problem. We can properly remove the tracks and frame in the opening to make your room more spacious and flow together. ​Shown in the pictures above is before and after the track was removed.

Fluted Columns with Flat Cornice Header

Pictured is our Custom Fluted Columns with Flat Cornice Header. Fluted Columns can wrap into the opening jambs, or can have flat jambs or full wainscoting jambs. Give us a call today to schedule an estimate to see what option is right for you!

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