Custom Projects

Trimworks can assist with custom projects in your home. Book Shelves made to the size you need, Storage Benches, Ship Lap Walls, Fire Places and Entertainment Centers. Have another idea for a custom project? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you. Below you can view some of our custom projects we have created for our customers. If you need help coming up with ideas  you may also check out our Pinterest page as well, for design ideas and more.

Fireplace and Entertainment Center

This unit was a custom design. The customer already had the fireplace and it was wrapped in granite. The granite was removed and this custom built in completely transformed this space.

The picture to the left shows the area prior to Trimworks coming in. Our team assisted this customer to design a fireplace and adjoining entertainment center to meet their needs.

The entertainment center features some shelving that wraps along both sides of the TV and across the top with come cabinets and drawers underneath. The fireplace  has a floating mantel with custom wainscoting from floor to ceiling.

Before and After

Custom Built Fire Place


Pictured before is an existing fire place that our customer had already in her home.

We can help you create a one of a kind fireplace in your home. Give us a call to schedule to meet with one of our Sales Representatives today!


After is a Custom Built Fire Place designed by TRIMWORKS. This Fire Place Features a custom built hearth with Full Frame Wainscoting Featured Columns with Mantel, with 5" Ship Lap finishing all the way to the Ceiling. The Crown Molding and Baseboards wrap the Bottom and Top of the Fire Place. Stone Tile installed around Fire Place for that extra bit of detail. This is a beautiful one of a kind fire place.

Storage Bench and Cabinets 

Before and After


Before pictured to the left is this small room located when you enter the home from the garage. This space is about to be transformed into a nice storage space. 


Custom Bench on the bottom where you can sit down and take off your shoes as you enter your home. This features custom cabinets on each side for additional storage. 

The back wall in between features Nickel Gap Ship Lap with a Ledge for storage or to add décor. 


Inside each cabinet is 4 shelves with an electric outlet in each bottom one, great to set u pa charging station for phones and tablets which can easily hide those cables. 

Above the piece is a nice Blue Accent wall to make this piece complete. 

Each storage shelf in the cabinets and across the bench are also made to fit 18" x 18" Storage Boxes

To the left is before and the right is after. Built around this Faux Fireplace was a full frame wainscoting with Wainscoted Columns, Mantel and Base surrounding wall mounted Fireplace.

Wainscoting Fireplace

Before and After


Before is a simple Fireplace the customer had before Trimworks Paintworks came in and took it over.


Shown to the right is after. Trimworks Paintworks built a custom wainscoting top. Framing the wainscoting is Fluted Casing with Rosettes and took the Crown Molding and wrapped it around the top to tie into the existing Crown Molding in the home. The bottom of the Fireplace was completely refurbished and repainted. Also, added a decorative emblem just below the mantel. For more completion photos see below.

Before and After

Recessed Bookshelf


Pictured before is a blank empty waste of space.​

Would you like a Custom Book Shelf of your own? Have another idea for a custom project?

Give us a call and one of our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you.


After this beautiful recessed bookcase is installed. Creates an excellent place to store cookbooks in the kitchen. Pictured next to the recessed bookshelf is one of our custom archways. To see more of our archways, CLICK HERE!

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting can be added into most Tray and Coffered Ceiling Designs. It may also be incorporated on Kitchen Island or under Bar tops, above Cornice, and Above and Below Cabinets.

Entertainment Centers

This entertainment center had shelving added to the bottom and Crown Molding added to the top to tie into the existing Crown Molding in the home. The entertainment center was also completely refurbished and painted Sherwin Williams Dover White to match furniture in the customer's home.

The top half of this entertainment center was completely rebuilt to accommodate for a bigger television. Crown Molding was added to the top to create a nice finish. This piece was an oak color prior to rebuilding the top and was completely refinished and painted a light gray color that turned out amazing in this home.

Custom Storage Benches

This custom storage bench opens to with tons of space to hold whatever you need. Benches can be made in any size. The lid opens to provide access to storage.

Custom Bookshelves made to fit any space in your home. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to schedule a time to meet with you and discuss your custom project.

These custom bookshelves feature a wainscoting finish along the sides and the front is trimmed out in a lovely Howe casing.

Decorative Ceiling Boxes

Decorative ceiling boxes is another one of our custom projects that we have to offer. These custom decorative ceiling boxes create a elegant feature to accent the lighting or fans in your home.

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